Acu Reflex Massage Sandals: The DIY Shiatsu Foot Massage

Shiatsu is a form of physical therapy that helps the body heal itself, naturally. There are several different styles of Shiatsu, some focusing on acupressure points to promote healing and provide pain relief. You can even get a Shiatsu massage with a $20 sandal!

Acu Reflex Massage Sandals: The DIY Shiatsu Foot Massage to Relieve Stress and Pain

How Do Shiatsu Sandals Work?

Each Acu Reflex massage sandal has hundreds of small rubber nodules. When worn, they apply pressure to the base of the feet, which in turn increases blood circulation. They work whether you are walking or standing still.

Compared to flip flops, the velcro straps on these slippers make the fit adjustable. Plus, you can easily wear them with or without socks.

Keep in mind, reflexology sandals can take some getting used to. The nodules are hard and somewhat uncomfortable when you first wear them. Start wearing them with socks before going sock-less, and wear them for shorter periods of time.

The key is to use them on a consistent basis to achieve the best results. Over time, you will look forward to putting the on because of the energy boost and health benefits that they provide.

Acu Reflex Massage Sandals VS Adidas

Some people who have tried both the Acu Reflex and the Adidas brand sandal prefer the fit of Adidas. They state that they can feel the nodules more evenly. However, at about double the price, they wouldn’t necessarily buy the more expensive Adidas brand.

The Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Reflexology Foot Massage for Pain Relief and Relaxation

Specifically, Shiatsu benefits include mental and physical relaxation. In addition to relieving tense muscles, people use this type of massage to also de-stress from traumatic experiences, demanding jobs and hectic lifestyles.

Furthermore, a Shiatsu foot massage increases blood flow. Toxins can be released and carried out of cells, thereby “cleansing” the body.

It is no wonder that more people are using this inexpensive form of natural therapy to maintain good health. In addition to solving health ailments naturally, it can also prevent them when done on a regular basis.

Foot Reflexology Chart for Acupressure Sandals
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In reflexology, the feet have signal points which communicate to the major organs and muscles in the body. Furthermore, trigger points in the feet connect with many body systems including digestive, respiratory and circulatory.

According to WebMD, studies show that many health problems are actually due to increased stress. Moreover, stress can worsen diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems and asthma.

As you can see, relieving stress before it starts causing more problems is critical to our health. Therapies such as Shiatsu massage, foot massagers or even Acu Reflex massage sandals provide a simple, inexpensive solution to an otherwise costly situation.

Saving Money…

Cheap DIY Reflexology You Can Do While You Are Cooking Dinner??

Shiatsu foot massagers sell on websites like Houzz and Brookstone for well over $200. People typically use these devices to relieve pain, improve circulation and alleviate sore feet and tense muscles.

Shiatsu sandals, although not as comprehensive and intense as a reflexology massage or electronic massager, can very well at alleviating pain and inducing relaxation. They also cost significantly less.


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