Reflexology Sandals (Pros & Cons)

These reflexology sandals may look interesting with their different-colored nodules and insole “map”. However it’s hard just by looking at the to know exactly what they do. I mean, do reflexology sandals work, really?

Get a Foot Massage While You Walk - with Reflexology Sandals

Pros of These Reflexology Sandals:

First of all, the nodules compress and rotate with each step you take. Look closely in the short video below at how they move up and down with a twisting motion.

Compared to other massage shoes with stationary rubber nubs, these rotating buttons deliver additional stimulation and therapy to the soles of the feet. Imagine how a reflexology pushes and pulls the skin to increase circulation and release tension. This design concept works the same way.


Second, notice that the acupressure buttons have labels noting which area of the body that they trigger. (For example, the kidneys, neck, stomach and lungs). I think that this feature provides valuable information, especially for people who don’t know much about reflexology.

This enlarged image shows the labels up close:

Acupressure Button Labels on Reflexology Sandals

Third, the foot strap features a velcro closure. The extra-wide band provides plenty of support while walking. In addition, the adjustable strap gives you a snug and secure fit.

If you are experiencing foot pain or have plantar fasciitis, you definitely don’t need a shoe that offers minimal support. You have enough to deal with already, I know from experience. =)

What are the Cons of these Slip-on Acupressure Shoes?

These acupressure sandals cost about $20. The trigger points work well, but they are not made to last several years. I consider these more of a brief-stint therapy shoe. Utilize them to relieve pain for a short-term issue rather than everyday long-term use.

Some people report that they are uncomfortable. However, as with any reflexology shoes, it takes several wearings to get accustomed to the acupressure buttons. In fact, some might say that the more rigid the nodules are, the more therapy they can provide.

Reflexology Sandal Specs:

  • 78 acupressure buttons (silicone)
    I like these nodules because they are strategically placed and have been labeled for convenience. For someone who isn’t exactly a reflexology “expert”, this feature is very helpful, not to mention interesting. =)
  • Rubber sole
    According to The Shoe Snob, rubber-soled shoes have more flexibility, durability and shock absorption that leather shoes, for example. Usually, rubber soles have the downside of not conforming to your feet. However, with acupressure button sandals, this does not matter.
  • Sizes are unisex and come in Small, Medium and Large
    If you want to share your therapeutic slip-ons with a friend who has similar sized feet, you can.


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