1/2 Price Version of Kenkoh Sandals

If you’ve heard of Kenkoh Sandals, you probably already know that these reflexology massage shoes are known as “The Health Shoe”. People love them because they provide pain relief naturally.

Revs Multi-Color Acupressure Sandal Flip Flop for a Gentle Foot Massage as You Walk

Kenkoh Reflexology Sandals Review:

They feature a built-in massage insole plus a Double Arch Fit System designed to stimulate the reflex point, absorb shock and more. The only characteristic to not like about them is their price. They can run from $70-$100 (even on eBay), which can seem expensive, especially for a pair of massage sandals.

However, Kenkoh makes reflexology flip flops that sell for about $35-50. (You don’t even have to wait to buy them on sale!) They are called Revs. I personally love their color options for women, and I think the design is more stylish too.

Revs Massage Flip Flops (Kenkoh Sandals)

Of course, if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs or achy feet, $100 sounds cheap. Especially when you compare it to doctors visits, medication or surgery. Heck, I thought if I could get my foot pain to go away, massage sandals are priceless, right?

Anyway, I was really curious about this cheaper version when I first saw them. So I did a little detective work.

Are Cheap Kenkoh Sandals Worth the Money?

Countoured Sole of Revs Flip Flops from Kenkoh Shoes

The straps on the Revs are not as thick or supportive as other styles. They may not last as long (although I can’t say that for sure), and you don’t want to run in them. =)

However, they still include the same contoured massage sole with 1000+ rubber nodules to increase circulation and provide pain relief.

Revs offer a money-saving alternative to getting a foot massage at home, and they are definitely an upgrade to traditional thongs.

Note: Many people agree that these “cheap” Kenkoh sandals fit slim feet better than wider feet.

Kenkoh Foot Massage Sandals Tips & Benefits:

  • The massage nodules trigger nerve pressure points in the foot, which in turn, boost blood flow and help heart function.
  • It typically takes 3 days to 3 weeks to get used to wearing these reflexology sandals.
  • Similar to reflexology treatments, people sometimes experience discomfort at first where their reflexes have imbalance/congestion. This is part of the detox process.
  • According to Kenkoh, their massage sandals can also help with morton’s neroma, heel spurs, bunions, back pain, swollen feet and legs, diabetic feet, numbness in the feet and eczema.
  • Upper straps and insoles are rubber. The outsole is EVA (super for shock absorption).
  • They come in 11 different colors, including, navy, black, pink, metallic pink, gold (like a metallic mocha/tan), silver, green, red, orange with blue and multi-colored.
  • The shoes are vegan.
Reflexology Chart for Improving Blood Circulation While Wearing Kenkoh/Revs Sandals
courtesy of https://www.kenkoh.co.uk

Note: Some people report improved energy levels, less cellulite, relief from constipation, better sleep and joint pain relief from wearing these acupressure sandals. I can’t say that I have experienced any of those benefits, since I didn’t have the symptoms in the first place. However, they are things to keep an eye out for.

Do Kenkoh Flip Flops Really Work?

Revs Flip Flops Massage Sandals Arch and Heel Support for Plantar Fasciitis, Heel and Foot Pain

This really depends on your condition. Furthermore, everyone’s feet are different, but you already knew that. I can only speak from my own experience. I have high-arched feet and am very active (running, tennis, etc).

Personally, I felt relief within one day from my plantar fasciitis and heal spur when I got proper support in my arch and the center of my heel. I cannot say enough about wearing shoes with contoured insoles (or orthotics that you insert into your shoes). They have really made a difference for me.

Note: Instead of getting these Kenkoh massage shoes for plantar fasciitis, consider the Oofos and Sketchers slip-ons which offer a sturdier footbed plus a wider, more supportive strap.

By the way, you can see a size chart for the Women’s Kenkoh Massage Sandals below.

Just measure your foot from toe to heel to get an accurate measurement of the massage sandal size that will fit you best.

Women's Kenkoh Massage Sandals Sizing Chart So You Can Find the Best Flip Flop for You

A feature that I really like about Revs flip flops is that that are stylish and fun to walk around in. In other words, you can get the health benefits of reflexology sandals without having to wear shoes you don’t like.

Want to find out what current flip flop owners think of their Revs? You can find almost 100 Kenkoh sandal reviews on Amazon here.

Cleaning Kenkoh Sandals:

How to Clean Revs Acupressure Sandals Using Soap, Water and a Small Scrub Brush

You can easily clean the elastomer sole and straps of this reflexology sandal due to its flexibility and durability. I simply take a basic scrub brush with soap and give my flip flops a bath over the sink.

There’s no need to throw them in the washing machine. The DIY cleaning method only takes a few minutes, plus I think it works more efficiently.

Alternatively, you can spray a 1 to 1 mixture of vinegar and water to kill bacteria if you don’t feel like scrubbing. Then, simply rinse off your flip flops.

Having said that, elastomer soles are known for producing minimal odor. Therefore, you may find that you only need to rinse them off once in a while.

Shop Reflexology Sandals:

By the way, Kenkoh makes different styled Revs slip-op massage shoes in lots of cool colors. For example, the classic Retro slipper, the double strap Seva and the Trek sandal all provide arch support, massaging soles.


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