Compare Acupressure Sandals – What’s Best?

Compare Before You Buy! Use this chart to see prices, features, ratings and more. For some people, acupressure sandals can relieve foot pain and provide a number of different health benefits. In addition, customers have reported improvements in circulation, better digestion, fewer headaches, more restful sleep, lower stress levels and more.

Acupressure Sandals

Rating 1-5 Price Arch Support Adjustable Strap Insole Material Special Features

Revs Acupressure Sandals

Revs Acupressure Sandals with Massage Nubs
4.1 $65-$75 Yes Yes Rubber You get orthotic arch support, massage footbeds and a shock-absorbing sole in one sandal. As a result, they can boost circulation, reduce swelling and muscle fatigue. Plus, they are known to help with plantar fasciitis, restless legs, arthritis & more. See Revs Acupressure Sandal Review.

Oofos Flip Flops

Oofos Plantar Fasciitis Flip Flops
4.7 $36-$135 Yes No “Oofoam” Closed Cell Foam Specially-molded Oofoam footbed cradles foot & supports arch. Plantar Fasciitis sufferers like this shoe. High shock absorption, moisture resistant & machine washable. Plus, choose from over 15 different colors.
See Oofos Flip Flop Review

Adidas Adissage

Adidas Adissage Athletic Sandal
4.3 $30-$60 No Yes Rubber Nodules Many people wear Adidas Adissage as an after-workout sandal for muscle recovery (and comfort!). Plus, they have a slip-resistant sole for wet or slippery surfaces, like pool decks. Adissage Sandal Review

Skechers Reggae Sandals

Skechers Reggae Zig Swag Sandals with Orthotic Arch Support
4.6 $37-$109 Yes Yes Flexible Rubber These active sandals have built-in orthotic arch support, excellent traction and a snug, secure fit. Plus, they are flexible, lightweight. They are comfortable for walking and make great water shoes too! Skechers Reggae Sandal Review

Natural Stone
Massage Shoes

Natural Stone Massage Shoes
3.9 $21-$25 No Yes Natural Stones Shoes contain carefully selected stones according to Chinese holistic medicine. See full review for stone massage shoes.

Gone for a Run
Recovery Sandals

Gone for a Run Recovery Sandals
4.1 $29-$35 No No Acupoint Foam Cushion Acupoint soles massage tired feet, improve circulation, reduces swelling, break up lactic acid and speed up workout recovery. Plus, sandals have a wide foot bed, are lightweight and breathable. Designed for athletes.

Reflexology Sandals

Reflexology Acupressure Sandals
2.9 $23-$26 No Yes Silicone Nodules Nodules rotate when pressed, intensifying the foot massage. More active foot stimulation compared to other reflexology sandals. Get more information on Reflexology Sandals.

Crocs Reviva Slide

Crocs Reviva Slide for Women
4.3 $35-$89 Some No Croslite Foam with “Massaging” Air Bubbles

The Reviva Slides are ultra-lightweight sandals that massage you feet as you walk. They’re cozy and comfortable, like slippers with support. See Full Review on the Crocs Reviva Slide

Why Acupressure Sandals?

Some of the shoes listed above provide arch support for longer periods, or everyday wear. On the other hand, other massage sandals have more of a therapeutic design for short-period use. For example, these include the insoles with stone or silicone reflexology nodules.

Are you trying to decide between one style and another? Consider the activities you will do while wearing them. For example, do you stand at a desk working all day? Or, on the other hand, do you want massage shoes to walk in?

Can You Wear Socks with Acupressure Sandals?

How to Massage Your Own Feet with Sandals

In addition, some people like to wear these sandals year round and want to wear socks. Therefore, sandals with over-the foot straps work better. On the other hand, you can still wear flip flops with socks as long as you get the right socks. =)

Having said that, keep in mind that socks will decrease the pressure point stimulation that the nodules provide.

Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

Typically, the better arch support the shoes provide, the better for minimizing (and preventing) plantar fasciitis pain. In fact, some foot experts think that plantar fasciitis can start from unsupportive shoes.

Note: People who should pay particular attention to wearing arch-supporting shoes (or insoles) include runners, those with arthritis, tight calf muscles or who are significantly overweight.

I have also found that as I age, my feet are more susceptible to foot pain when I don’t consistently wear shoes with arch support.