Adidas Adissage Massage Sandals: Benefits & Do They Hurt?

Adidas Adissage slide sandals can help with your after-workout recovery. Well, as far as your feet are concerned. =) 100’s of ergonomically-placed massage nubs work to stimulate and massage the soles of your feet simultaneously.

Adidas Adissage Massage Sandals for Women (and Men)

Therefore, you can ease tension, release tight muscles and enhance blood circulation to make your feet (and legs) feel better.

Are Adidas Adissage Good for Your Feet?

Whether you run, play soccer, tennis or basketball, you can provide your feet with some natural, soothing relief. Not to mention the additional health benefits that come along with faster recovery.

Their ultra-lightweight design adds even more to their comfort.

In fact, if you work on your feet or stand all day, you may want to take a look at these inexpensive slides as well.

You may end up liking them so much that you get a second pair to wear in the shower at your gym. I mean, they only cost about $30.

Adidas Adissage Sandals Review:

The video below shows this massage slip-on up close. You can see the strategically-contoured massage nubs as well as the secure-fitting upper strap.

Also, note the flexibility of the rubber sole, which enhances the comfort of this shoe while you walk.


Specs for Adidas Adissage Massage Sandals:

  • Men’s/Women’s Unisex Slip-On
  • Color Options: Black with White Stripes or Black with Pink Stripes/Footbed
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Footbed Material: TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) – In general thermoplastics are considered latex-free.
  • EVA Outsole (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, an Elastomeric Polymer)
  • Sandal Strap Material: Synthetic (Quick-Drying)
  • Shoe Weight: Under 1 lb (pair)
  • Model #: EG6517
  • Brand: Adidas
  • Get the Adidas Adissage Shoes here

Note: By the way, you can get Adidas Adissage men’s sandals on Amazon in 3 different color styles. The shoe design looks virtually identical to the women’s sandals, but they also come in white or navy.

Therefore, if you are a woman and can’t find your size in the women’s version of this slip-on, you may want to check out the men’s options and size down. (Some women suggest sizing down about 2.5 sizes.) plus, you get more colors to choose from. =)

How to Clean Adidas Adissage Sandals

These athletic slip-on shoes could not be any easier to clean. In fact, many people use them as shower shoes and wear them while showering. Therefore, you can wash off your sandals every time you shower.

Adidas Adissage Sandals are Tough, Durable and Easy to Clean, Plus You Can Wear them in the Shower

They seem durable enough to throw in a washing machine. However, I’d suggest simply brushing them with a mild soap and warm water. For this, I recommend getting a cheap kitchen scrub brush at Walmart, Target or even a Dollar Store.

Adidas Adissage sandals have a rubber sole and EVA plastic (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) footbed. Both materials are durable and tough. In addition, EVA is waterproof, UV-resistant and can withstand a variety of different temperatures.

No wonder athletes love them. You can essentially wear them anywhere and in a variety of different conditions.

Will Adidas Adissage Sandals Hurt My Feet?

Adidas Adissage Therapeutic Massage Nodules on Sandal Footbed

Good question, because these unusual-looking footbeds appear like they might poke the bottoms of your feet.

However, the very flexible, elastic rubber-like material actually feels quite gentle on the foot.

Nevertheless, for some people, massage nubs can take some getting used to, especially if you have sensitive feet.

For example, if you don’t ever walk around outdoors barefoot, your feet may feel somewhat tender the first few times you wear them.

Note: If you experience this sensitivity, try wearing thick socks the first few times you walk around in the shoes. This can help your feet adjust to the additional stimulation.

That said, most people don’t experience problems. Actually, many feel a level of therapeutic relief due to the subtle stimulation they provide.

By the way, the EVA outsole material on this slide is also BPA-free.

Note: Some people have asked about Adidas Adissage Fade slide women’s sandals. I have not found them anywhere and suggest searching a site like eBay if you are interested.

Adidas Addisage VS Acu Reflex Massage Sandals

Acu Reflex Massage Sandals

Compared to the similar, yet cheaper $20 Acu Reflex Massage Sandals, people generally prefer the name-brand Adidas slides.

For one reason, the Acu Reflex have rubber nodules (vs the more flexible elastomeric polymer material of the Adissage). Therefore, they tend to feel harder on your foot.

Take note if you have sensitive feet. In fact, people who wear these massaging slides to help relieve plantar fasciitis pain say that the Acu Reflex nodules feel to rigid.

You can see the full Acu Reflex review here.

In addition, many athletes prefer the more athletic and stylish design of the Adidas logo and striped strap.


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