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Contact Us: Patti Donovan at AcupressureForFeet.comHi, my name is Patti Donovan. I work at, providing natural ways to get rid of foot pain and improve foot health.

If you are trying to get rid of foot pain or relieve plantar fasciitis, maybe I can provide some valuable information from my own experience.

The Story of My Feet…

For many years I took my feet for granted. I run regularly and play tennis often. In addition, I stand on my feet most of the day. I thought I was doing everything right, eating healthy and living an active lifestyle.

Then, I started experiencing discomfort on the bottom of my feet. I ignored it at first but the aching kept getting worse.

One afternoon I got stabbing pain on the bottom back part of my heel. Later I discovered that I had a heel spur brought about by plantar fasciitis.

That’s when I started caring about my feet. I got orthotic inserts for my shoes, wear shoes with high arch support and use acupressure sandals for my feet.

When I realized that I had a serious foot problem, I acted quickly to resolve the issue. Although I don’t know for sure, I believe that acting fast helped me get relief sooner.

Now, I can still run, play tennis and stand for several hours during the day pain-free. I don’t wake up at night with foot pain either. And I don’t take my feet for granted. Who knew a pair of shoes could do so much?

Please contact us if you have questions, and hopefully we can help!


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