Aerothotic Flip Flops – 7 Ways They Reduce Foot Pain

Do you want a comfortable thong-style sandal that provides arch support for plantar fasciitis and other foot pain? These Wide Aerothotic Flip Flops provide medial arch support, plus a heel cup and even toe reflexology. What?

Aerothotic Flip Flops with Arch Support for Plantar Fasciitis

Note: Yes, these supportive sandals combine multiple features to give your feet summer-long comfort. In addition, their durable lightweight construction make them ideal for everyday wear and also traveling.

1. Flip Flops Have Medial Arch Support:

First of all, medial arch support structurally reinforces flat feet and fallen arches. In turn, then can reduce pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

Furthermore, this shoe structure can help improve posture and stability in people with foot problems. That said, studies show that it makes no difference in people with healthy feet.

2. Contoured Footbed Can Help Minimize Foot Pain:

Orthotic Heel Cup in SandalSecond, the contoured footbed and rear heel cup help minimize plantar fasciitis, metatarsal pain and heel spurs. Plus, the polyurethane-injected midsole targets pressure points in the foot to lessen back and heel pain.

As a result, many people enjoy walking in these orthotic sandals because they are effective at managing pain. (By the way, the insole helps “grip” the foot, and the thongs work well at absorbing shock too.)

Orthotic Reflexology Flip Flops with Heel Cup, Arch Support and Toe Stimulation

3. Durable Construction Make These Long-Lasting Sandals:

Third, the thick outsole is ultra durable and resist abrasions. Therefore, these shoes hold up well to frequent everyday use.

Not to mention, the U-shaped bottom design of the shoe provides a sturdy grip and traction on rough surfaces. In other words, it provides more stability (like an athletic shoe) rather than a traditional flip flop.

4. These Acupressure Sandals Use Toe Reflexology:

Toe Reflexology in Orthotic Flip FlopsFourth, Aerothotics have a unique “toe reflexology” feature, which stimulates acupressure points in the toes. Specifically, these areas connect with the nose and sinuses.

Sandals with toe reflexology stimulates the acupuncture points accurately, mitigating depression symptoms. Apply pressure on acupuncture points by wearing toe reflexology footbed relieve the nerve tendons and ligaments between the Achilles muscle and the outer ankle bones.

5. Toe Bar Reduces Muscle Pressure and Fatigue:

Fifth, the insole features a built-in toe bar reduces the pressure on toe-flexor muscle. The have shown to reduce fatigue. Plus, research shows that this unique footbed significantly improves toe strength and flexibility.

6. Thick Thong Straps Support the Foot Too:

Sixth, the faux leather straps have cushioning and a soft inner lining. Consequently, your foot doesn’t slip around and feels more secure. Not to mention, more comfortable!

7. Stylish Design Makes These Flip Flops More Versatile:

Seventh, these flip flops have style. In other words, they don’t look like ugly orthotic sandals. As a result, people like wearing these versatile shoes a lot more places.

And more wearing means less pain and happier feet. =)

Aerothotic Flip Flop Sandals

Do Aerothotics Come in a Wide Width?

These orthopedic flip flops do not come in wide sizes. However, many customers with wide feet say that the thongs fit perfectly.

That said, some people report that the shoes are not wide enough. In general, the consensus is that the higher your arch is, the tighter the strap will feel.

Note: Therefore, if you have a high arch AND a wide foot, these shoes may feel small. On the other hand, if you have a wide foot with a low arch or flat foot, they may likely fit fine. Moreover, people with narrow feet and high arches report that shoes fit well.

Specs for Aerothotic Flip Flops:

  • Sizing: Sizes 6-11, Womens, True to Size
  • Platform Height: Approximately 1.5″ Tall
  • 26 Different Color/Pattern Options
  • Strap Material: Synthetic Leather & Foam Lining
  • Sole: Polyurethane (PU)
  • Model #: L0306
  • Brand: Aerothotic
  • Phone: 800-484-1913
  • Where to Buy Ladies Aerothotic Sandals

Note:To find the best price, shop the various colors. You can sometimes get a discount on less-popular designs (which you might like better anyways!)


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