PR Soles Recovery Sandals – Review, Comparison & Benefits

Are you an athlete looking for a comfortable slip-on that you can wear after workouts? PR Soles Recovery Sandals can help sore and tired feet recover faster… with a gentle massage. PR Soles Recovery Sandals Massage Feet Before and After Exercise, Great for Athletes

Similar to an acupressure foot massage, the ACUPOINT cushioning works to relax and boost circulation at the same time. But how??

How Do These Recovery Sandals Work?

First, the foam footbed conforms to the foot. Then, the ACUPOINT soles activate nerve endings on the bottom of your foot. In turn, the gentle massage increases blood flow and breaks up lactic and uric acid.

Man Running on roadConsequently, athletes who use their feet a lot can recover faster simply by walking around in these slip-on shoes. For example, runners, tennis players, soccer players, cyclists and more.

In fact, the benefits of PR Soles Recovery Sandals go beyond just your feet. They have shown to ease leg and lower back pain as well. (Plus, they provide a great alternative if you tend to go barefoot or wear flip flops frequently).

Note: By the way, you don’t have to be a runner or workout a lot to feel the benefits of these shoes. For example, people who stand all day or spend several hours a day on their feet can take advantage of this massage too!

In addition, the strategically-designed foot beds help to relieve tension and swelling you might have in your feet. I know personally that I experience this at the end of everyday. =)

Many people like to wear these sandals around the house because the foam material feels lightweight and breathable. Actually, they feel a lot like slippers.

However, the soles of these slip-ons have a nice textured grip. Therefore, you feel more secure while walking on a wet pool deck, around town or on a wood floor at home.

Reviews of PR Soles Sandals:

Check out the video below for more information on how these athletic recovery sandals work. Plus, hear customer reviews from people who use them for running recovery, after hiking excursions and more.

Where to Buy Recovery Sandals

Compared to a foot massage or other therapy treatment for plantar fasciitis, arthritis or ankle pain, these sport recovery sandals provide a cheap alternative. Doctors recommend them to their patients and athletes wear them after long runs or strenuous events. Those things alone tell me a lot about these $30 slip-on shoes.

PR Soles Sandals vs Oofos:

Oofos Unisex Slide - Plantar Fasciitis SandalsCompared to the Oofos, the PR Soles slip-ons have a flatter sole and more textured footbed. The Oofas have arch support built-in to the shoe.

The “Oofoam” is designed to absorb more shock while you walk. On the other hand, PR Soles provide more of a stimulating massage.

And lastly, you can throw the Oofos sandals in the washing machine. You want to hand wash the PR Soles.

Price difference? The Oofos cost about $10-20 more.

How Do You Clean PR Soles Recovery Sandals?

Wash your shoes with a mild soap and water. Typically, I use dish soap and soak my shoes for a few minutes before I rub them with a soft rag or brush. Rinse and let them air dry.

PR Soles Size Chart:

These unisex shoes have specific sizing, so take notice of the size chart below. Most customers feel that they fit as expected, but a significant number of people think they run large.
PR Soles Sandals Size Chart

Specs for PR Soles Recovery Sandals:

Recovery Sandals in 5 Different Colors

Note: Just like other acupressure and reflexology sandals, the PR Soles can take some getting used too. If they feel uncomfortable at first, know that this is normal. Expect a slight learning curve for your feet.

PR Soles Flip Flip Recovery Sandals with Acupressure Massage Lightweight Foam Footbed

PR Soles Recovery Flip Flops

And if you weren’t already tired of listening to me talk about massage shoes, let me continue. =) You can opt for the flip flop style with the same waffle-design foot bed.

This version costs about $5 less, but it provides less support too. It also looks like the sole may not last quite as long as the slip-on.


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