Can You Use Foot Acupressure for Better Sleep?

Can you actually press a spot on your foot and fall asleep without having to take a pill or visit a doctor? Do professionals really recommend acupressure for better sleep?

WebMD states that acupressure follows the same principles as acupuncture to help with relaxation. In contrast to acupuncture, you can perform many acupressure therapies by yourself – on yourself.

Foot Acupressure for Better SleepIn fact, some reflexology sandals feature nodules to stimulate pressure points for you. No special equipment or skills are needed.

In short, it is believed that meridians channel throughout the body and connect the organs. In theory meridians can become blocked resulting in different ailments. Triggering pressure points along these meridians can open the blockage and therefore resolve the issue, for example, sleep.

How to Use Foot Reflexology to Induce Sleep:

Foot Acupressure Points Diagram
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According to Modern Reflexology, 10 pressure points exist on the body that help you sleep better. Chronic stress and anxiety can cause insomnia, and acupressure can help relieve the tension and thus, the insomnia.

K6, found on the inside of the ankle bone, where the foot is slightly depressed. By pressing on this point for 1 minute while breathing deeply, you can relieve insomnia due to anxiety.

In addition to K6, you also want to stimulate point B62. This point is located on the outer ankle in the first indentation below the ankle bone. You can simultaneously trigger both pressure points with your thumb and pointer finger.

Michael Gach, Ph.D shows how to apply this acupressure method. Plus, he shares a special breathing technique and how to incorporate induced yawning to promote sleep.

Shimien Pressure Point on Bottom of Foot, for Promoting Sleep and Relieving Insomnia
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In addition, you can stimulate a pressure point on the bottom of the foot (as shown in the photo).

Dr Micheal Breus PhD says this is called the “Shimien” and is also referred to as The Insomnia Point. All Ayurveda lists the Shimien as one of the 4 best best pressure points for instant sleep.

Some reflexology sandals incorporate this trigger point into the insole of the shoe. But don’t worry, you won’t fall asleep while you’re walking.

More Acupressure Tips to Relieve Anxiety & Promote Sleep

Helen Chin Liu, Certified Reflexologist, gives a demonstration below on foot reflexology techniques to relieve anxiety and promote sleep.

She says that the toes connect to several endocrine glands, including the pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal gland. Rubbing on these areas can relax the brain and help regulate sleep.

In addition, the lower inner sides of the feet associate with the spinal column, where anxiety occurs. You can press into these areas with your thumb to relieve anxiousness and promote relaxation.

Science Using Acupressure for Better Sleep:

More Health Practitioners are including acupressure as a treatment to resolve sleep problems. In fact, Dr Lloyd I. Sederer, MD says that while western medicine can work wonders, it does have its limits. Chinese Medicine wellness alternatives, like acupressure, can work as complementary medicine to resolve illness and promote better health.

For example, Neurology Advisor points out a study involving 62 nursing home patients. Researchers concluded that acupressure showed promise as an effective treatment for sleep disturbances in older individuals.

In addition, Sharen Medrano, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, says that parents can perform the Holistic Baby Acupressure System to help their babies sleep better.

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