What’s the Best Foot Massager with Heat?

Acupressure sandals can provide continual stimulation to the soles of your feet throughout the day. However, a Shiatsu foot massager with heat can deliver a deeper and more intense therapy. (Plus it feels really good during the cold winter months!)

Foot Massager with Heat for a Relaxing Shiatsu Foot Massage at Home

This heated shiatsu foot massager provides a convenient way for you to relax and soothe your feet at home. Plus, some people even use it in the office.

Note: Do you sit all day in an office? Shiatsu foot massagers can help improve blood flow in your feet, in addition to easing pain and tension.

Electric Foot Massager with Infrared HeatIn addition, you can save a bunch time and money because you don’t have to travel to a salon and pay a masseuse. In fact, this ingenious device pays for itself in just 2 uses.

Imagine if you massage your feet daily how much money you can save! Not to mention, your feet will be much happier.

Relieve tension and pain in your feet while you watch a movie, work on the computer, read a book or talk on the phone. This compact therapeutic device works practically anywhere. However, you do need to be near a power outlet where you can plug it in.

Note: By the way, you can turn this device on and off simply by pressing a button with your toe. Therefore, you don’t have to bend down or use a separate (easy to lose) remote control.

NekTeck Foot Massager Specs:

  • 6 Massage Heads
  • 18 Rotating Massager Nodes
  • Massage Type: Shiatsu
  • Machine Can Be Used with or Without Infrared Heat
  • Dimensions: 15.8″ Wide x 14.2″ Long x 3.2″ Tall
  • Weight Approximately 7 lbs
  • 3 Height Level Adjustments
  • Power Supply: 120V/50~60Hz
  • Power Consumption 48 Watts
  • Comes with Carrying Handle and Power Cord
  • Model #: NK-FM-100
  • Brand: NekTeck
  • Get the Electric Foot Massager Here

Note: This machine offers a more firm, intense massage. Therefore, some people place a towel between their feet and the device when they first start using it until they get used to the deep kneading.

Option 2: Shiatsu Massage Pillow

Alternatively, you can use an electric massaging pillow to get a similar heated shiatsu massage for your feet. Although smaller and less intense, the pillow offers more versatility in the ways you can use it.

Shiatsu Heated Massage Pillow for Feet, Neck, Back, Calves and more

Massage Pillow to Relieve Sore MusclesFor example, it can massage your neck or back by attaching to a chair or car seat.

In fact, it features an adjustable back strap to do just that. Plus, this device includes a 12V adapter that you can plug right into your car!

The slim shape and design make this pillow very user friendly, so you can comfortably use it on many areas of your body.

Compared to a $1,000 massage chair, you can actually position this pillow exactly where your body needs therapy.

Furthermore, the heat function makes the kneading action more effective for relaxation and improving blood circulation.

Zyllion Electric Foot Massager with Heat:

  • 4 Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes
  • Nodes Change Direction Every Minute
  • Dimensions: 13″ Wide x 9.5″ Long x 3.5″ Tall
  • Weight: Approximately 4 lbs
  • Massage Type: Shiatsu
  • Voltage: 110V-240V
  • Comes with Adjustable Strap, Power Cord & DC Adapter for Car
  • Model #: ZMA-13-BK
  • Brand: Zyllion
  • Phone: (855) 588-8168
  • Get the Zyllion Here

What’s the Best Foot Massager with Infrared Heat?

When it comes to getting a cheap yet deluxe foot massager with a heater built in, you can’t get much better than this. Why? The portability, versatility and simplicity of these gadgets make them so user-friendly that you can get a lot of use out of them.

In other words, you get more for your money. It’s no surprise that many customers end up getting more of them for friends and family members after they have tried one for themselves. =)

If you exclusively want a foot massager, choose the NekTeck. On the other hand, if you prefer versatility, go for the Zillion. And don’t overlook the therapeutic power of acupressure sandals either.


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