Plantar Fasciitis Socks You Can Wear with Flip Flops

I occasionally suffer from plantar fasciitis, but I also like to wear flip flops. It was like someone read my mind when I came across plantar fasciitis socks!

Toe-less Plantar Fasciitis Socks to Wear with Flip Flops

What I really wanted were heel support socks that wouldn’t interfere with my open-toe shoes. When I discovered these toe-less compression socks, I was instantly sold.

These specially-designed socks let you wear flip-flop sandals or even walk around barefoot. In addition, you get compression support that helps minimize pain.

Do you walk around a lot during the day or spend long hours standing? These $15 plantar fasciitis socks can help provide foot pain relief.

Do Plantar Fasciitis Heel Support Socks Really Work?

At a price of $15, my first thought was, “Are these socks really any good? How can they be effective if they are so cheap?”.

Well, you don’t need to trust my opinion or review. Over 90% of people who try them recommend them. That’s saying something.

Note: The socks do provide arch support through compression. In addition, they help keep the arch warm, adding another level of therapy. However, they don’t have the structural strength of an insole or orthotic.

Plus, in addition to wearing them during the day, some people even sleep in them at night. Having said that, some people suggest sleeping in them for more relief while others do not. I think it comes down to whether or not you feel they constrict blood flow in your feet too much or not.

How to Speed Up Healing and Get Foot Pain Relief Even Faster…

While you ease the prevailing pain you can also take advantage of natural therapies to help prevent and relieve future foot pain. Below, Dr. Steve Gangemi (known as the “Sock Doc”) shares some unconventional natural therapies that you may not have heard of.

For example, he advises against wearing orthotics or stretching out the plantar fascia because it can slow down the healing process. Instead, he recommends strengthening your feet by walking barefoot and exercising your toes by picking up items off of the floor.

$15 Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks

Do Plantar Fasciitis Socks Work for Running?

In addition to aiding to a speedy recovery, compression socks can also enable you to exercise while recovering. For example, they reduce existing heel pain so that runners can still run.

Hence, you don’t have to stop your exercise regimen altogether while your plantar fasciitis heals. In addition, people find these compression socks very helpful for stabilizing and supporting their ankles and heels while walking or hiking.

Woman Running with Plantar Fasciitis Socks

In fact, the Thirty48 compression socks have a moisture-wicking knit made of nylon and spandex. Therefore, they are comfortable to workout in. Plus, they don’t overheat your feet in the summertime.

How Do Plantar Fasciitis Socks Work?

Plantar fasciitis socks effectively reduce inflammation and increase circulation in the foot. This process helps to speed up healing and strengthen the foot.

Combine these ankle socks with the DIY foot-strengthening exercises that Dr. Gangemi demonstrates above, and you may find yourself pain-free without ever having to visit a doctor.

About Compression Foot Sleeve Plantar Fasciitis Socks:


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