Telic Recovery Sandals – Do They Stop Foot Pain?

Telic recovery sandals are more than just comfortable shoes. In fact, they are worn by and endorsed by sports celebrities, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors and podiatrists worldwide.

Recovery Sandals - How Do They Work?

In addition to performing as an effective recovery sandal, Telics can help alleviate foot pain from a variety of different ailments. Think of them as an inexpensive therapeutic tool that you can also use to walk around in.

Typically, athletes wear them after hard workouts or in sports where they pound the pavement or stand on their feet for long periods of time. For example, basketball, running, golf, etc..

How These Orthopedically-Designed Shoes Work…

Telics combine a built-in arch support with a slight negative heel. Therefore, the shoes evenly distribute foot pressure to speed up recovery and minimize any pain.

…In other words, the ergonomically correct footbed conforms to your foot.

Telic Recovery Sandals evenly distribute foot pressure to eliminate pressure points while wearing

Furthermore, Telic flip flops absorb shock with each step you take. Athletes involved in high-impact sports know that these activities can cause a lot of damage to our feet. Constant shock absorption by the body can lead to injuries in the ankles, knees and hips – not to mention our feet.

The orthopedic characteristics of Telics Sandals can help ailments like heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia that result from high impact sports.

Get Telic Sandals for less than $50

I think Telic recovery sandals already offer an amazing value for under $50. However, they also have a no-slip textured footbed, and they are comfortably lightweight.

In addition, the shoe material is heat-activated, allowing the footbed to mold to the shape of your foot. Essentially, you are getting custom, form-fitted shoes.

Features of Telic Recovery Sandals: Heat Activated, Arch Support, Novalon Material, Textured Footbed

And last but not least, you can throw your sandals in the washing machine. Plus, you can recycle them when you’re done with them.

Specs for Telic Recovery Sandals:

  • Material: Novalon, Synthetic Sole, 100% Recyclable
  • Machine Washable, Antibacterial
  • 11 Colors: Pink Pearl, Espresso Brown, Island Coral, Deep Ocean, Midnight Black, Aqua Lagoon, Dolphin Grey, Dark Cherry, Pink Flamingo, Key Lime and Sweet Tangerine
    Telic Recovery Sandals in 11 Different Colors
  • NOTE: Go Up a Size in Telic Sandals from Your Regular Shoe Size
  • Made in USA
  • Get Them Here


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