What are the Best Cheap Shower Sandals?

Shower Slippers Plus Massage Therapy in One Sandal

Do you want low-cost, anti-slip shower sandals that give your feet a massage at the same time? For a cheap pair of shower shoes, these slip-ons surprisingly offer a lot of value.

Shower Shoes + Massage Therapy in One:

For example, these slip-on shower shoes also contain specially-designed footbed nodules.

They follow the Japanese reflexology concept of stimulating certain areas of the foot to enhance blood flow and circulation. In addition, the footbed helps to relieve tension and cushion the foot.

As a result, your feet and legs can feel more relaxed and energized. This explains why some athletes wear similar shoes like the Adidas Adissage recovery sandals.

Feel free to wear them beyond the shower and swimming pool. For example, they make great beach sandals, spa slippers or even to give your feet a gentle massage around the house.

Are Shower Shoes Necessary?

Feet in Shower and How to Avoid Athletes FootAccording to the American Academy of Dermatology, you can minimize your chances of getting Athlete’s Foot by wearing shower sandals in locker rooms and at swimming pools.

The fungus thrives in wet, warm environments like gym locker rooms or around pools. Plus, it can linger on the floor, where it can get picked up by your bare feet.

Therefore, if you frequently swim at a public pool or workout at a gym, many dermatologists advise wearing some sort of shower shoe.

EVA Shower Slippers Offer Several Benefits:

This synthetic shoe material (EVA) has several advantages besides being affordable.

1. First of all, these 7-ounce slippers feel ultra lightweight on your feet. Therefore, they are comfortable to wear whether in wet environments or all day long.

Shower Sandal Arch Support

Crocs Water Shoe for Showers - has Arch Support and is LightweightNote By the way, if you prefer better arch support offer a massaging footbed, check out the Crocs Water Shoe. These lightweight unisex sandals feature the Croslite foam footbed and come highly recommended as a shower shoe.

2. Second, the flexible footbeds have a softer feel on your feet. Plus, they work well to absorb shock throughout the day. In other words, you can wear them for long periods of time.

3. Third, the shoe bottoms have drainage holes built-in. As a result, water doesn’t build up in your shoes, and they dry out faster. Plus, they keep your feet drier in the shower or after swimming.

Shower Slipper Drainage Holes

4. Fourth, the soles of the shoes have an integrated texture on both the top and bottom. Therefore, your sandals won’t slip on wet bathroom tile, nor will your feet slide out of your shoes.

Not only do they provide supportive comfort for your feet, these non-slip shoes help you feel secure and safe while walking on wet ground.

5. Fifth, these basic slip-ons have a simple 1-piece design. Consequently, this makes them more durable and easier to clean. Talk about a low-maintenance shoe!

Specs for the Shower Sandals:

  • Material: Closed-Cell EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
  • 5 Color Options: Blue, Black, Pink, Grey & Light Blue
  • Weight: 7 Ounces
  • Unisex (for Men & Women)
  • For Sale: Buy the Sandals Here

Shower Slip-ons with More Ventilation:

Massage Shower Sandals with Ventilation and Drainage - Prevent Athletes FootAlternatively, you can get a similar style showering sandal with additional drainage holes in the base of the shoe.

Much like the slip-on above, these sandals have an anti-slip sole, durable construction and a quick-drying design. They also feature gentle massage nubs for your feet.

However, I think that these slippers offer even less arch support than the shoes above.

Specs for Shower Slippers:


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