Bumpers Massage Flips Flops – Do They Work?

Bumpers Massage Flip Flops have a light massaging effect on the feet. Although they do not provide arch support or feature large nodules that stimulate major trigger points, they do create a natural “cleaning” effect on the body. Therefore, the more you wear them, the more often you can enhance your body’s circulation.

Bumpers Massage Flip Flops: Good or Bad?

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Each time you take a step, the bumps on the flip flops stimulate blood flow. Hence, the increased circulation can help clear inflammation faster and more easily.

The small massage bumps cover the entire insole of the shoe. Therefore, they impact the total sole of the foot rather than just a few specific trigger points. Some people actually refer this subtle stimulatory effect as compared to natural stone massage shoes.

Bumpers Acupressure Map
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Some people claim that Bumpers Flip Flops offer numerous benefits including foot pain relief, reduced leg and ankle swelling, more energy and faster recovery after exercise. I cannot attest to any of these claims, however, these are common outcomes of better circulation.

Unlike a brief one-hour foot reflexology session, walking in Bumpers Massage Flip Flops can continually stimulate circulation throughout the day. For a $30 shoe, this is a small investment that pays off in value – as long as you enjoy wearing flip flops.


Many wearers find Bumpers massage sandals invigorating. That said, they can take some getting used to. If you are not used to wearing acupressure shoes, start by wearing these between 10-30 minutes a day. Then, increase your usage. Those who go barefoot often can take a shorter time to adapt.

Bumpers Flip Flop Details:

  • Made from Eco-Friendly Recycled Rubber (not polyurethane resin)
  • Waterproof, UV-Resistant, Crack-Resistant
  • Anti-Slip, Natural Rubber Sole
  • Get them here: Men’s Bumpers | Women’s Bumpers


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