Using Acupressure Points for Blood Circulation

According to, acupressure point therapy increases blood flow. But can acupressure points really help with blood circulation?

How to Improve Blood Flow Naturally: Acupressure Points for Blood Circulation

How Acupressure/Reflexology Can Improve Blood Flow:

It does this by releasing tension in the surrounding muscles when you hold down an acupressure point (or an acupoint).

Once blood can flow freely, toxins in the blood can be released. Plus, oxygen and nutrients can access areas in the body where they are needed.

This process helps strengthen the body’s immune system and therefore fight off disease and potential illness.

Boosting Circulation with DIY Acupressure Treatments…

In fact, David Wolfe recommends resetting the body’s circulation system each night using simple reflexology methods. He says that even walking on stones (with bare feet) can provide an effective DIY acupressure therapy treatment.

Another way to naturally stimulate blood flow is through dry brushing. However, instead of pushing on pressure points in only the feet, you can brush your entire body. Not only can this help boost blood circulation, but also lymphatic drainage. And, some people even use this inexpensive tool for minimizing cellulite.

Acupressure Points for Blood Circulation:

You can use his chart below. Massage the areas of the foot that correspond to the place in your body where you feel discomfort or experience health issues. As you can see, the chart notes specific points for eyes as well as the brain.

Foot Reflexology Chat to Increase Blood Circulation
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Alternatively, you can get stone massage shoes to stimulate specific pressure points on the bottom of the feet.

In addition to better circulation, stimulating these acupressure points can improve metabolism, decrease stress, enhance sleep and encourage lymphatic drainage.

More Ways to Improve Blood Flow…

However, foot reflexology is not the only natural treatment to improve blood flow. Besides acupressure, Relax The Feet says that daily movement or exercise promotes circulation.

Secondly, you can use a cayenne balm or capsium lotion on areas with poor circulation. Plus, minimizing stress can also improves circulation, since it will decrease tension in the muscles.

In the video below, Amber Nimedez demonstrates a simple exercise for increase blood flow. Most people can easily do this exercise because you can do it laying on the floor.


In addition, if you stand a lot throughout the day, you may find that this method greatly increases circulation to the legs and feet.


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