Reflexology Slippers – Do They Actually Work?

Do you want comfortable slip-on shoes that you can wear around the house that can enhance your health at the same time? These specially-designed reflexology slippers can provide numerous health benefits.

Benefits of Reflexology Slippers

Do Reflexology Slippers Work? 5 Reasons to Try Them:

Let’s get real: these are a pair of $30 slippers. So, don’t expect a professional reflexology massage session. That said, for 30 bucks, these cozy shoes actually have a lot to offer…

1. Ergonomic Heal and Arch Support

First of all, the soles of these sandals come with built-in arch support. This element has shown to be helpful for those with flat feet or suffering from plantar fasciitis.

The supportive shoe component can help re-align posture through its simple design. For instance, orthotics slippers with reflexology help re-position an over-pronated foot.

2. Get a Mini Foot Massage with Each Step

Second, the footbed is completely lined with small massage nubs. These function to stimulate blood flow and enhance circulation each time you take a step.

Slipper Massage Nubs that Stimulate Pressure Points on the Foot

As a result, some people feel more energized after wearing massage-style slippers. Whether you stand all day at work or exercise a lot, this natural foot therapy can sometimes make your feet and legs feel better.

3. Improve Your Health Through Reflexology

Foot Pressure Points Chart for Reflexology

Third, the massaging nubs have varying heights to stimulate specific pressure points in the foot. According to Japanese foot reflexology, stimulating these pressure points removes stagnant energy and flush out toxins. Plus it can help enhance the health of other organs and glands in the body.

4. More Comfortable than Your Average Shoe

Fourth, the footbed provides gentle stimulation (versus intense). Therefore, you can wear these slip-ons everyday and even all day long. (Plus, if you work from home, no one will ever know!)

In fact, this massage therapy is so subtle that you probably won’t feel any beneficial effects at first. However, after a day of wearing them, you’ll likely feel a difference.

Of course, health benefits will vary by person and situation. However, implementing a comfortable, natural therapy on a consistent basis can sometimes offer positive results over time. And for the $30 price, you really can’t beat it.

Acupressure Reflexology Slippers for Improved Circulation, Energy and Pain Relief

5. Better Blood Circulation & Fitness Recovery

Fifth, reflexology massage slippers are simply comfortable to wear. In fact, athletes often wear this style of sandal after workouts for recovery. Even Adidas makes a pair.

Even if you don’t exercise a lot, massage slippers can promote relaxation and minimize stress on the body. Not to mention, they offer strategically placed foot cushioning.

Even if you don’t suffer from foot pain, poor posture or tired feet, reflexology slippers can offer health benefits. For example, they may prevent future foot or posture problems that can develop slowly over time.

That said, for a cheap pair of slip-on sandals, we can’t expect health miracles. However, the inexpensive comfort is reason enough to test drive better blood circulation.

Acupressure Slippers

Specs for Reflexology Slippers:

  • Sandal Material: Rubber, EVA, PVC
  • Upper Fabric: Cotton & Hemp
  • 2 Color Options: Camel or Beige
  • Unisex (Men’s & Women’s)
  • Includes Orthotic Arch Support
  • Slippers have Built-in Heel Cups
  • Soles Stimulate Reflexology Pressure Points
  • For Sale: Reflexology Massage Slippers


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