Okabashi Pacific Sandals – Are They a Good Deal?

Okabashi Pacific Sandals have a lower price tag than many other massage or acupressure sandals. However, that doesn’t mean that they are cheaply made. Quite the opposite in fact.

Okabashi Pacific Sandals with Massage Beads for Increased Circulation

These $20 massage flip flops include a guarantee that they will last for 2 years (and they are designed to last for 4). Furthermore, the company suggests that wearers clean their shoes in the dishwasher. They are that strong.

Unlike other flat-footed sandals, the Pacific Sandals have a built-in arch support as well as massage beads. In addition to providing extra height underneath the arch of the foot, the massage beads stimulate blood circulation in your feet.

The Environmentally-Friendly Shoe…

Silver Okabashi Flip Flops, Waterproof, Machine Washable, Reflexology Design

Many people like these shoes mainly for the reason that they are completely recyclable. That’s right! When you are finished wearing them, simply send them back to Okabashi, and they will recycle them for you.

This is an easy way that we can help keep plastics out of our oceans. Why not support our feet – and the environment – at the same time, right?

Do the Okabashi Pacific Sandals Deliver a Good Value?

The wide straps offer better-than-average support. The the same time, the strap design and raised heal provide a more sophisticated style.

Combine these benefits with the built-in arch support and stimulating massage beads, and you’ve got an even better deal. Plus, don’t forget that you can recycle your shoes when you’re done – and feel good about it!

Specs for Okabashi Pacific Sandals:


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