3 Big Health Benefits of Revs Acupressure Sandals

Do you want a natural therapeutic way to relieve (or even prevent) foot pain without drugs? Revs acupressure sandals have helped many people with heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, restless legs, arthritis and more.

Revs Acupressure Sandals Fit Both Men & Women

These easy slip-ons not only offer natural healing therapy to your feet (and organs), they have a casual, relaxed style to them too.

Revs Sandals Provide 3 Big Health Benefits:

Footwear that offers health benefits in addition to comfort? Sign me up! In fact, I am one of those people who suffered from plantar fasciitis, switched to orthotic sandals, got rid of the pain and never switched back to traditional flip flops. =)

That said, acupressure sandals don’t fix all foot pain. Everyone experiences different results, depending on their specific health situation.

1. Get a Mini Reflexology Foot Massage as You Walk:

First of all, rubber nodules line the insole of the shoe. As you can see, they have different heights and sizes depending on where they are located on the footbed.

According to Chinese reflexology, each nub is designed to stimulate different areas of the foot and thus different organs in the body. Therefore, some nodules are larger and taller than others.

Acupressure Footbed and Arch Support on Slip-on Sandal

If you look closely at some reflexology charts, you find stimulation points for upper body organs on the toes or near the front of the foot. Conversely, points for the intestines, knees and anus sit near the mid to back region of the foot.

When you walk, the rubber nodules give your feet a gentle reflexology massage. Consequently, they trigger a detoxing effect from the corresponding organs, promoting health throughout your body.

Note: In addition, the foot massage helps increase blood circulation in the feet and legs. Because it can boost blood flow and reduce fatigue, some athletes like to wear massage sandals after training workouts of competitions.

2. Orthotic Footbeds Can Help Relieve Foot Pain & More:

Orthotic Reflexology Sandals Can Help Relieve and Prevent Foot Pain in Some PeopleSecond, the thick rubber footbed of Revs sandals provide extra cushioning and absorb shock well. As a result, they can help minimize heel pain, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, pronation and swollen feet.

Note: In some people, reflexology massage has shown to help with other conditions as well. For instance, restless legs, heel spurs, Mortons Neuroma, bunions, spondylosis and arthritis. Some people have even noticed better sleep as a nice side benefit.

So, if you suffer from foot pain, orthotic style shoes may help you. Furthermore, simple orthotics can sometimes prevent future foot problems from occurring.

For example, if you stand a lot at work during the day or perform high-impact exercises frequently, keep this in mind. Consistent foot therapy on a regular basis may be all you need to keep the doctor at bay.

Built-in Arch Support and Shock-Absorbing Soles of Acupressure Reflexology Sandal

3. Get Extra Arch Support for Healthier Feet & Pain Prevention:

Third, these acupressure sandals provide great arch support. In short, arch supports help distribute pressure evenly throughout the foot. People with flat feet or fallen arches sometimes notice a significant benefit.

As a result, they can re-align your body, help with stability and sometimes relieve pain. Not to mention, reinforcing your arch can help prevent injury to it.

Revs Open-Toe Slip on Sandals with Orthotic Arch Support and Reflexology Footbed

Specs for Revs Acupressure Sandals:

  • Unisex (shoes fit men and women)
  • Material: Synthetic, Rubber Sole
  • Contains Orthotic Arch Support
  • 100% Vegan
  • Weight: 1.35 lbs
  • 5 Color Options: Black, Brown, Light Brown, Rustic Tan & Tan
  • Model #: 2302 7702
  • Manufacturer: Kenkoh Europe Ltd.
  • For Sale: Where to Buy Revs Sandals

Not everyone wearing reflexology massage sandals suffers from a long list of ailments. In fact, as I mentioned above, you can use these stimulating shoes as a measure of a prevention.

Plus, these supportive massage sandals are lightweight, breathable and well made. As a result, they feel more comfortable than your average shoe, and they can save you bunch of money since they last a long time.


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