Benefits of Reflexology – and How to Do It Yourself

Research on reflexology shows that this alternative health treatment may provide some positive health benefits.

Reflexology Map on Socks: Benefits of ReflexologySpecifically, these include increased blood flow to kidneys and intestines, better kidney function and lower blood pressure.

In addition, they showed pain reduction for several different ailments like osteoarthritis, kidney stones, peripheral neuropathy of diabetes mellitus, chest pain and more.

Reflexologist Rosanna Bickerton says that she has had clients coming to her for 20 years, many for relief from anxiety. She explains that when people suffer from anxiety, the body does not have adequate energy because most of it stays in the head.

Therefore, by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, she can reduce the anxiety and therefore release the energy to heal the rest of the body.

The Benefits of Reflexology… on a Foot Map

Essentially, the feet furnish an “organ map”. A reflexologist can then diagnose and treat certain health ailments. In fact, practitioners often use this method as a preventative medical treatment.

Foot Reflexology Chat to Increase Blood Circulation
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How Better Circulation Leads to Improved Health

Many people use reflexology because it boosts blood flow in the body. However, this simple “foot massage” can lead to numerous health benefits.

For example, better circulation can help the body heal faster. It can also deliver more oxygen to cells and organs, improving their function.

In addition, efficient circulation means that toxins can be removed more efficiently, preventing toxin build up which can lead to other problems. Plus, a healthy blood flow can help to stave off common pains like headaches.

Other benefits of reflexology include a reduction on chronic sinus infection symptoms, less pain during PMS and decreased anxiety in menopausal women.

How to Get Reflexology Health Benefits – the Easy Way

Acupressure Button Labels on Reflexology SandalsInterestingly, you don’t have to use special equipment or even apply much pressure to get the benefits from reflexology. In fact, says that you don’t even need to use high pressure.

They indicate that massaging the correct pressure points is more important. Then, you simply press and hold these points for about a minute.

Knowing that, it makes more sense how reflexology sandals can provide an effective home treatment.


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