Foot Massage Ball VS Acupressure Shoes?

A foot massage ball can work wonders at stimulating trigger points on the bottom of your feet because you can roll it around and apply the specific pressure you need.

Foot Massage Ball Set for Reflexology Massage, Including hand and Foot Reflexology Charts

Foot Massage Balls VS Acupressure Sandals:

These balls are portable and inexpensive. Plus, they have a big advantage on acupressure shoes or inserts. You can use them for therapy and pain relief on different parts of your body as well.

For this reason, many athletes have lacrosse balls as part of their workout equipment. However, lacrosse balls don’t have textured surfaces or massage nubs that can provide even more relief.

What’s the Cost?

Blue Foot Massage Ball Rolling Under FootWith foot massage balls, you get the benefit of reaching your trigger points and deep tissue massage. Plus, the cost difference is only about $5. Now, this is cheap physical therapy!

I personally use my foot massage ball while I am sitting at my desk. I take my shoes off and roll each foot on it while I am working.

If you are one of those people who can’t seem to find extra time to stretch before or after workouts, you’ll love this technique. It’s multitasking at it’s best, and your feet get a great massage too!

In addition to massaging and stretching out the sole of your feet, massage balls help to stimulate nerves and increase blood flow. Just like acupressure, this can boost the health of your feet, legs and entire body.

There’s another benefit to getting a set rather than a single foot massage ball. You can keep one at the office, one at home and one in your gym bag. Always have one with you when you need it.

Foot Massage Ball Package:

  • Get 3 Massage Balls: large high density spiky massage ball (2.8″), 1 with mini spiky massage ball (2.2″) and 1 lacrosse ball (2.5″)
  • Includes Handy Reflexology Acupressure Maps for Hands & Feet
  • Material: Rubber, Latex-Free
  • Get the Set Here for Under $20

Whether you suffer from foot pain, need to relieve tension or want to give yourself a cheap myofascial massage, these simple therapy tools work!

RUBZ Massage Ball for Feet:

Rubz Massage Ball for Hand and Foot Reflexology MassageAnother option is the RUBZ Massage Ball.

Unlike the package above, you only get 1 ball. However, you can save some money, and you can still get the stimulating massage nubs.

Runners use RUBZ balls for their feet, and they work at providing temporary relief from plantar fasciitis. Again, you get to control the pressure you apply and spots you want to target on your feet.

Of course, you can use RUBZ on your hands, back, legs, shoulders and arms too. Plus, at less than 1 lb, it’s easy to travel with. Get more information:

RUBZ Massage Ball, Under $10


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