5 Flip Flops with Arch Support [ + The Health Benefits ]

Do you want to prevent or get rid of pain in your feet? Many people swear by flip flops with arch support for their happy, healthy feet.

5 Flip Flops with Arch Support

Below, I’ve listed 5 different brands that offer well-made arch support flip flops. Not only are they high-quality, but people love their supportive footbed, as you can read in the reviews.

I personally own 2 pairs of the Chaco Ecotread sandals and have worn the first pair for over 5 years. In other words, you get long-lasting value for the money spent. Not to mention, comfort.

5 Flip Flops with Good Arch Support

Chaco Ecotread Sandal with Arch Support

1. Chaco Ecotread Sandal

This flip flop has a firm yet flexible textured footbed that has a solid feel on your feet. The straps feel supportive as well, and the sole of the shoe does a good job of gripping slippery surfaces like pool decks.

In addition, it has an antimicrobial application that prevents the shoes from stinking, even with frequent use. =)

Clarks Wave Coast Sandal

2. Clarks Wave Coast Flip Flop

This flip flop sandal features a wide leather upper with an adjustable strap. Therefore, you can get a really snug fit that hugs the arch of your foot.

It includes the high-tech Ortholite Molded Footbed which offers multiple benefits. For instance, It has high breathability to minimize heat and moisture build-up.

The footbed compresses less than 5% over time, so you can count on this shoe fitting just as well a year from now as the day you buy it. Plus, it is comfortably lightweight and conveniently washable.

Crocs Modi Sport

3. Crocs Modi Sport Sandals

This unisex flip flop fits both men and women, plus it comes in a variety of bright and neutral colors. In addition, the Crocs thong has a unique Dual-Density Croslite foam construction which gives it a softer, more bouncy feel.

You can also see the built-in “massage pod” footbed that adds a comfortable grip. It’s no surprise that many people like wearing these comfy slip-ons after a long workout or sports game.

Vionic Wave Sandal with Molded Footbed for Arch Support

4. Vionic Wave Flip Flop

Vionic flip flops have a soft nylon webbing and bio-mechanically designed footbed that hug the arch of your foot. They are designed specifically to provide all-day comfortable support and look very much like a traditional thong.

Dawgs Ladies Flip Flops in Wild Colors and Designs

5. Dawgs Women’s Flips Flops

If you like colorful shoes and want to make a statement, Dawgs can help with these patterned thongs. The slightly-elevated heal also adds style. Not to mention, they provide good arch support too.

These low-maintenance sandals are extra lightweight, easy to clean and resists odors as well. Furthermore, these ladies’ shoes have a grippy textured footbed that gives your feet a gentle massage as you walk.

Why Would You Want Arch Support Flip Flops?

According to the Podiatry Center, poor foot support can cause problems in other areas of the body. For example, people can experience pain in their knees, hips, shoulders and neck. In turn, these problems can lead to headaches or stomach aches and even emotional stress.

Foot PainTherefore, you want to choose footwear that supports your feet, especially in the arch and heel. Look for a firm yet flexible sole, plus a footbed that offers a supportive design.

In addition to preventing future foot ailments, arch support in shoes can help minimize existing pain that you may have. In other words, there’s no bad time to start wearing supportive sandals. =)

Oftentimes, people overlook arch support in flip flops. Instead of supportive sandals, they look for a design that looks pretty wear or is cheap to buy.

However, people typically wear thong sandals outdoors when they are active and doing lots of walking around. Therefore, good arch support is actually even more important in these shoes.

Note: If you already suffer from plantar fasciitis pain or want to prevent it, check out these plantar fasciitis sandals They provide lots of cushioning and shock absorption and are very popular among plantar fasciitis sufferers.

Surprisingly, these orthotic sandals don’t usually cost a lot of money. Nor do you have to buy big ugly shoes. In fact, some people wear these sandals simply due to the extra comfort they provide.


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