Shiatsu Massage Foot Bath – 5 Ways to Use One…

Do you want an acupressure foot massage that also soothes your feet like a warm spa? This multifunctional Shiatsu massage foot bath can help provide pain relief as well as relaxation.

Shiatsu Massage Foot Bath

5 Reasons Try a Bubble Massage Foot Bath:

  1. Relieves Joint Pain from Arthritis or Over-use
  2. Diminishes Foot Callouses and Cracked Feet
  3. Increases Blood Flow, thus Reducing Fatigue
  4. Relaxes, Warms the Body and Alleviate Tension
  5. Stimulates Acupressure Points to Improve Organ Health, etc..
  6. … Well, 6: It Takes a Lot of Work Out of a Home Pedicure. =)

This specially-designed foot spa features motorized Shiatsu massage balls and electric massage rollers at the base of the tub. Therefore, you can get your own acupressure foot massage in the comfort of your own home anytime you want.

These mechanisms automatically rotate to stimulate the pressure points in the soles of your feet. As a result, you can increase blood flow, relieve tension and soothe achy feet.

Due to this multi-faced system, you can actually energize all areas of the foot at once. For instance, you can soothe your heals, toes, ankles and arches simultaneously. Talk about an efficient massage machine!

Acevivi Foot Massage Bath with Rollers, Massage Balls, Pedicure Stone, Bubbles and Heat

Plus, when combined with heated water and a bubble massage, the rollers can penetrate even deeper for faster relief. In other words, this spa takes therapeutic foot massage to the next level.

Furthermore, the foot bath comes with a rotating foot stone. So, you can easily slough off dead skin and callouses during your “therapy session”

In fact, when your foot massage finishes, your feet will be ready for foot softening cream and a pedicure. With the prep work taken care of, cuticle shaping and nail trimming instantly became much easier.

Note: I love bubble massage foot baths because they simulate the relaxing experience of a hot tub, but at a fraction of the price. Consequently, by warming your feet, you heat up your entire body.

Automatic Massage Rollers on Bubble Foot Bath

Compared to other parts of the body, the sole of the foot contains many acupressure points. Each correlates with a different organ or body part. Hence, a foot massage may be able to provide pain relief to multiple areas of the body simply by stimulating your feet.

Not to mention, you can use a Shiatsu massage foot bath while watching TV, working at your desk, reading a book or talking on the phone.

Specs for the Shiatsu Massage Foot Bath:

  • Dimensions: 17.7″ Long x 14.5″ Wide x 11″ Tall
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs
  • Foot Size/Capacity: Up to Shoe Size 15
  • Water Temperature: 35℃ to 48℃ (95°F~118°F)
  • Ultra-Quiet Machine
  • Timer can Count from 10 to 60 Minutes
  • Package Includes Cover, Wheels & Drainage Tube
  • Where to Buy the Acevivi Foot Bath

How to Use an Automatic Foot Spa Bath:

First of all, find a comfortable place to sit and set the foot spa on the floor. Second, fill the bucket to the water line with warm water.

Third, plug the unit in and press the “Start” button. Finally, set the timer and water temperature and place your feet in the tub.

When done, simply turn the unit off and empty the water using the included drainage tube.

Eco-Friendly Foot Bath with Massage and Bubbles:

This unit gives you the option to reduce the heater from 500W down to 300W. Essentially, the unit will take longer to heat up, but you can still achieve 188 degree F temperature.

Acupressure Massage Foot Bath with Heat, Bubble, Shiatsu Rollers, Red Light Therapy

This model costs about $10 less. However, it does not include an automatic foot roller or the rotating pedicure stone.

If you don’t care for the pedicure stone or additional rollers, you may prefer this model. I mean, you can save $10 plus reduce heating costs too.

By the way, this machine includes a handy “medicine box” which some people use to add salt. Adding salt to the water can help soften and soothe the skin even more, especially if you suffer from painful cracked feet.

Specs for the Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat:

  • Dimensions: 16.9″ Long x 14.6″ Wide x 12.6″ Tall
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Foot Size/Capacity: Up to Shoe Size 15
  • Water Temperature: 35℃ to 48℃ (95°F~118°F)
  • Ultra-Quiet Machine
  • Eco Friendly Model Uses Up to 30% Less Energy
  • Package Includes Wheels, Cover & Drainage Tube
  • Get the Hydro-Massage Foot Spa Here

Foot Bath Massage Health Benefits:

To some people, a home foot spa may seem simply luxurious. However, if you are an athlete or stand on your feet all day, your feet and legs will thank you.

Acupressure Foot Map: How Pressure Points on Soles Correlate with Organs and Body Parts

You can get a lot of benefits from these inexpensive foot massagers beyond relaxation. For instance, some people find great relief from arthritis joint pain. On the other hand, people use foot baths to resolve cracked callous problems.

Not to mention, improved blood circulation can benefit the entire body and relieve fatigue. People have been using dry brushing for centuries for this same purpose.

Many cheaper machines, like Conair, Homedics or Equate don’t even compare to these hydro massagers. Yes, they provide a heated bubble spa for your feet, but no acupressure therapy. Futhermore, many foot massagers apply therapeutic pressure, but no hydrotherapy.


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