Acupressure Massage Slippers ….for Men & Women

Acupressure Massage Slippers with Fur Inside, Cozy and TherapeuticDo you want to reduce foot pain, improve your posture or simply keep your feet healthy and comfortable all day long?

These acupressure massage slippers can help you increase blood flow, reduce strain and potentially get rid of associated pain just by walking around in them.

Note: The slippers shown to the left are for men, see the bottom of this page for the women’s version having the same benefits (but more fur!).

Why Wear Acupressure Shoes?

Revs’ lightweight, durable and breathable slip-ons are super cozy and comfortable, yet they provide great foot therapy while you wear them.

You can give yourself a mini foot massage everyday. Plus, the footbeds stimulate pressure points in your feet that can lead to better health overall. (See a reflexology foot map here.)

People like these specially-designed footbeds because they can help reduce some types of foot pain naturally. In addition, you can wear them as a preventative measure to avoid discomfort that can arise from having poor posture, etc..

In any case, these cozy slippers offer so much comfortable support that you may just want to wear them to the office. The good news is, you can get Revs supportive insoles instead!

Unique Footbed Massages the Soles of Your Feet:

Acupressure Massage Footbed with Arch Support for Feet

Like most other Revs footwear, these slippers feature a shock-absorbing footbed with rubber nodules. These nubs contour the foot (including built-in arch support) to stimulate pressure points and massage the feet.

As a result, you get better blood flow through the feet. Plus, the nodules can have a better stimulating effect on the organs (as per a reflexology map).

In addition, the contouring layout of these slippers can help improve your posture as you walk and more. Consequently they can help relieve pain due to improper posture.

Note: It can take some time to get used to these uniquely-shaped footbeds. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends that you start wearing them just 10-30 minutes per day to get used to the feel. Then, increase wear-time gradually.

Who Can Benefit from Wearing Revs Acupressure Slippers?

As mentioned above, these slip-on massage shoes can help with issues relating to circulation, posture and pain. However, each person has a unique body and set of ailments, so results vary widely.

In other words, some people experience fats relief, while others sense slow or no change at all. That said, some health ailments where people have found acupressure slippers helpful include:

In addition, you can wear massage slippers as a preventative measure to prevent pain or foot problems in the future. For instance, some people enjoy massaging soles after a workout to reduce muscle fatigue and reduce inflammation.

Revs Slippers with Massage Soles to Stimulate Pressure Points in Feet and Provide Arch Support

Note: Of course, the cozy faux fur adds an extra level of foot therapy due to the warmth it generates. Compared to regular open-toe acupressure sandals, slippers may actually help more with circulation by keeping your feet warm.

They may even help your sleep, especially if you suffer from restless leg syndrome. Good blood flow can actually help with relieving tension and stress that tends to accumulate during the day.

Massage Slippers Have Built-in Arch Support Too:

Arch Support in Massage SlippersThe orthotic arches in these slippers help support fallen arches or flat feet.

In addition, they can help re-align poor posture and thus reduce or completely get rid of the resulting pain.

For example, if you suffer from sciatica or hip, neck or shoulder pain, you may be able to fix this problem with proper posture. And sometimes the fix can be as simple as wearing well-designed shoes with arch support.

How Revs Arch Support Works: The footbeds of these slippers have an orthotic arch that supports the foot to keep the body properly aligned. (Similar to orthotic insoles.) When bones and joints align correctly, you can minimize strain on the attached muscles and ligaments. As a result, you can often get rid of the associated pain.

Specs for the Revs Acupressure Massage Slippers:

Revs Slippers with Massage Soles to Stimulate Pressure Points in Feet and Provide Arch Support

Acupressure Slippers for Women:

As I promised above, you can get these acupressure massage slippers for women too. They feature the same design and benefits as the men’s version above, however they have more fur…

Acupressure Slippers with Fur Inside and Massage Soles

Fur Acupressure Slippers


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