Reflexology for Foot Pain – Does it Really Work?

Dr Lawrence Wilson says that foot pain usually arises when that area of the body needs reflexology treatment. For example, tendon inflammation on the base of the foot (commonly diagnosed plantar fasciitis) can often fix itself with gentle acupressure stimulation.

Reflexology for Foot Pain - Does it Really Work?

He explains that when energy flow within the body get stuck, pain results. Reflexology can release the stuck energy and therefore resolve the pain.

Does Reflexology Relieve Plantar Fasciitis Pain?

In regards to plantar fasciitis, reflexology techniques can stretch out the muscles and tendons, and therefore relieve the pain.

The relaxed tendons, combined with greater flexibility and increased circulation understandably get rid of the foot pain. Therefore, it makes sense that active people who regularly get reflexology treatment can prevent and avoid heel and foot pain due to increased flexibility.

Dr Andrew Weil MD remains skeptical of many reflexology health claims. However, he does believe that the therapy can work to relieve foot pain due to cramping or tight muscles.

Hilary Talbot, Acupuncture Physician, demonstrates acupressure methods for treating foot pain below.

Reflexology May Be Able to Locate the Problem

JoAnn Tennent, Certified Reflexologist, claims that reflexology can help fix foot pain, whether it is caused by trauma or from imbalances elsewhere in the body. For example, pain can come from unsupportive shoes or digestive problems or anything in between.

So, how do you pinpoint the issue? Reflexologists can use specific pressure points on the foot to decipher what and where the underlying problem is.

The Logical Side of Reflexology for Foot Pain:

Science Writer Paul Ingraham believes that acupressure points could logically connect with organs in other parts of the body. That said, he does not think that the typical reflexology “maps” are entirely accurate.

Nevertheless, he says that acupressure may likely get rid of pain in many cases. Plus, the treatment comes at a low cost and with minimal risk.

Licensed Acupuncturist Drake Ewing says that stimulating trigger points may also stimulate nerves. In turn, the nerve stimulation could even alter the way you feel pain. In addition, this natural form of therapy helps the body relax, which enables it to heal itself more effectively.


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