Acu Air Acupressure Sandals – Health Benefits or Cheap Shoe?

The U.S. Jaclean brand (now known as Daiwa Felicity) has been providing health and wellness products for over 35 years. Their Acu Air acupressure sandals, as well as home and fitness products, are specially-designed to promote healing and optimal health.

Acu Air Acupressure Sandals with Massage Nodules to Improve Blood Circulation

Note: First of all, let’s get clear. These cheap shoes cost less than $20. Therefore, don’t expect miracles, except that maybe you found a bargain on a cool-looking shoe that massages your feet.

What are the Health Benefits of Acu Air Sandals?

In addition to providing a very functional, durable and low-maintenance clog, the Acu Air Sandal also has therapeutic health benefits. For example, the specially-designed footbed nodules give you a gentle foot massage with every step. (It’s like wearing Crocs, with benefits.)

By stimulating different areas of the sole of your foot, you can boost blood flow and circulation throughout the body. For some people, this type of foot therapy can help prevent leg cramps, minimize headaches, reduce stress and improve sleep.

Acupressure Design of the Acu Air Removable Footbeds with Rubber Massage Nodules

On the other hand, some people find that acupressure boosts their metabolism and increases energy. Furthermore, others find that stimulating certain areas of the foot can help fix a number of other health ailments.

For example, check out the foot reflexology diagram below to see what I mean. Professional Reflexologists claim that different locations of the foot connect to various parts of the body. Therefore, stimulation of these areas can in turn impact the connected organ or body part.

Acu Pressure Massage Sandals Reflexology Chart

Using Acu Air Acupressure Sandals for a Foot Massage

You may or may not believe in acupressure or reflexology health benefits. (Does reflexology really help relieve foot pain?)

However, we can’t argue that the Acu Air inserts provide a gentle, stimulating massage for your feet. Even PR Soles makes a sports recovery sandal with an acupressure-designed footbed that many athletes use to recuperate after an intense workout or race.

Note: If you like the ease of slip-on sandals but prefer a closed-toe shoe, you may like the breathable design on the Acu Air Clogs. Plus, they look cool and work well for covering up ugly toes. =)

More Advantages to the Acu Air Clog:

Low Maintenance: As I mentioned above, Acu Air clogs are easy-to-care-for shoes. In fact, you can even remove the footpad from the shoe to wash it. Worry less about having smelly feet, even though you’re wearing a closed-toe shoe.

Lightweight, Breathable and Washable Acupressure ClogsEasy to Clean: The shoes are waterproof and easy to clean. Plus, the breathable design prevents them from retaining moisture. Therefore, you can conveniently wear them in rain or wet weather without worrying that they will get soggy. (Not to mention, they have no-slip soles!)

Easy to Wear: In addition, these clogs only weigh 11.2 ounces, making them very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The adjustable heel strap provides a comfortable fit for people who prefer shoes with heel support. Alternatively, you can flip up the strap when you want the freedom and ease of a slip-on clog.

Specs for Acu Air Acupressure Sandals:

  • 2 Color Options: Black/Grey or Grey/Pink
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Washable: Yes
  • Model #: Men’s: USJ-806 | Women’s: USJ-805
  • Brand: Daiwa Felicity (previously U.S. Jaclean), Phone: (310) 538-2298
  • Get the Acu Air Sandals Here

U.S. Jaclean Acu Air Sandal Size Chart:

These acupressure clogs come in a full range of sizes from extra small to extra large. However, this brand runs small due to the footpad inserts. Therefore, size up when you buy your shoes.

Size Chart for Acu Air Sandals/Clogs

Acu Air Acupressure Clog for Men in Black and Grey

Note: By the way, you can buy Acu Air Acupressure Sandals for men or women. Except, then men’s version doesn’t come in pink.

Shiatsu Acupressure Insole with Nodules, Ventilation Holes and Arch Support

Acupressure Insoles VS Sandals?

In addition, U.S. Jaclean makes Shiatsu Acupressure Insoles for about $10 a pair. They don’t cost a lot, and you can use them in shoes you already have.

These insoles also have integrated magnets for “magnetic therapy”, which may or may not work, depending on who you ask.

I have not personally tried them, but it’s worth reading customer reviews to see how these simple devices actually helped them.

Or Acupressure Sandals with Magnets?

Accu Step Reflexology and Magnet SandalsThis same company also offers a slip-on sandal with double straps and magnets for about the same price. Therefore, if you want an open-toe shoe, like having an adjustable strap or want to test out magnetic therapy, check them out.

In addition, these Japanese-style acupressure sandals apply pressure to the soles of the feet to maximize the relaxation and health benefits.

Some people believe that magnets help boost blood flow and minimize muscle aches. Some report that it helps fix foot pain, while others say that they feel no effects at all.


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